MEDITERRANEAN CUP 2017 - Live Results

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Ambrit Teams are in pool A and H


ANSPI: Ambrit Fears No-one!

Ambrit lined out against champions-elect, Santos, on Saturday and put up a fantastic display of heart, determination and football.
With only 5 players and no subs, Filippo and Alessandro played up front and they formed a great duo, scoring the first 2 goals within minutes from kick off. Filippo scored the first: he dribbled through the Santos defense with ease and shot into the corner. The second goal came when Alessandro launched a perfect throw-in to Filippo. The first period ended with Santos scoring a goal from a corner kick; 2-1 on the whistle.
Ambrit surpassed themselves this week with another fighting performance!
In the second period, Santos scored right after kickoff to make it 2-2. Ambrit's defense was determined not to let any more goals in; Elias and Ludovico pressed every player that came into their half and they gave no quarter. But Santos had fresh players o introduce and a goal soon looked inevitable. They scored two to make it 4-2.

But Ambrit heads did NOT drop. On the contrary, Elias moved up to play with Alessandro and, early in the third period, he received a pass from Filippo went on to dribble straight to the goal and score to make it 4-3. 
The non-stop cheering from the stands gave Ambrit a fresh boost of energy. With minutes left to play, Alessandro played another good throw-in to Filippo, who went on to score.... but the goal was disallowed!!! 
Eric’s pass to Filippo was our last chance to score and tie the match but a great Santos keeper saved it sending the ball out of bounds and the referee whistled the end of the match.


ANSPI: Ambrit 7- 5 Testaccio

Ambrit Complete Win Double Over Testaccio to State in Second Place!
Ambrit's ANSPI team continue to confound the doubters with yet another great win!
The Ambrit team today had only 6 players on the field and Testaccio kindly agreed to play 6 on 6. The game started fast and quick with Testaccio attacking constantly.  Alessandro's slide tackle earned Testaccio a free kick which opened at 1-0.
Ambrit was determined to score a goal too before the end of the first period. Fillipo from defense moved up to mid field to help Giacomo and Pietro scored to make it 1-1. The first period ended with both teams scoring just before the whistle. Great dribbling by Pietro and an accurate pass to Giacomo for the 2-2.

Alessandro, Ludovico, Giacomo, Pietro, Filippo, Eric 
The beginning of the second half saw Ambrit push for a 3rd goal and Pietro obliged when he took a pass from Fillipo. It wasn't long before yet another goal by Pietro: this time he received a throw in from Filippo and smashed home for 4-2! Great defence and some amazing saves from Eric ended the second period.

With no subs, Ambrit entered the 3rd period tired but ready to defend their lead. But a stubborn Testaccio managed to get 2 quick goals to make it 4-4 and set up a tense finish. Pietro came to the rescue again; he took another pass from Giacomo and, with no hesitation, drove the ball home for 5-4. Seeing an opportunity for another quick goal, Filippo moved forward to help Giacomo in attack and scored: 6-4.
Testaccio squeezed through the Ambrit defense and scored to make it 6-5 but a confident Alessandro from defense tackled a Testaccio player, won the ball and shot straight to goal from mid field for the 7-5.


Milan 7-2 Chievo

Milan's big win over Chievo sets up a tense finish to this year's Spring Intramural with 5 teams still battling it out for the four SF places.
An early goal by Lucrezia flattered to deceive. Nathan played Giuseppe through for an equaliser 4 minute later and Milan never looked back. Aden made a crucial save off an Annie shot; Nathan bagged a hat-trick to move to the top of the goalscoring charts.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Giuseppe 5, Lucrezia 4, Nathan 4, Mia 2, Gaia 2,  Peter 1, Raphael 1, Aden 1, Chiara 1,


Roma 2-1 Milan

With both sides down to 6 men, this was an open game with lots of space to be exploited.
Roma definitely crested more chances though and Aden, in goal for Milan, made some crucial saves - but not enough to earn his team a point.
The teams turned around still level but Roma banged in two second-half goals. The first from Taro was very cooly finished; the second from Niccolo' sealed the win.
Nathan grabbed a consolation goal near the end and might have dome more earlier, but Elias was in fine form and foiled him at every turn.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Elias 7, Aden 4, Taro 4, Niccolo' 3, Jacopo 2, Giuseppe 1


Napoli 3-0 Inter

With Falco and Edo P missing, Inter couldn't cope with Napoli's quick passing. It was a very competitive match, lots of hard tackling but, in the end, Napoli's extra players gave them the edge.
Julian was decisive. He opened the scoring in the first half when Anthony played him through with a perfectly-weighted pass from midfield. In the second half, he scored another and the third goal - an own-goal by Tristano - came off a Julian shot.
In between, Sam might have scored another in the first half when Julian passed to him in the area and Senai was unlucky with a header in the second half. Pietu was a rock in the Napoli defence and Alex and Ale N kept up a fast rhythm of play in midfield.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Senai 4, Ale N 3, Pietu 2, Alex D 2, Anthony 2, Filippo 2, Gabriele 2, Michele 2, Julian 2


Lazio 4-0 Chievo

With Lucrezia ruled out through injury, Chievo struggled to impose themselves in this game and Lazio cruised to their fourth consecutive victory.
Goals in the first half from Manfredi, Daniel and Lapo and another from Daniel in the second half; Thomas close to a fifth with an excellent header off a Lapo corner.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Manfredi 4, Daniel 3, Francesco 3, Gaia 2, Thomas 2, Mia, 2, Lea 2, Andrea 1, Alison 1, Chiara 1 


ANSPI: Ambrit 4-3 RP Monteverde

This was a difficult moment for the Ambrit team.
Having lost heavily in their previous match, they now found themselves facing the winners of Group A - Regina Pacis Monteverde - in this vital play-off match.
Not only that - they also found themselves without key defender Alessandro and Joell, who has been in great form recently: a lesser team would have crumbled.
And things began badly - RP Monteverde went ahead after 5 minutes! Amrit bounced back though and Pietro fired home a great shot from the left wing, 1-1. Pietro then struck again and Ambrit went into the first break 2-1 ahead.
Ambrit defend a free kick against RP Monteverde
The second period was evenly contested and each side scored one goal. Ambit's was a beautiful strike from Giacomo: he was played in by Elias and, as the goalkeeper advanced, Giacomo flicked it past him into the opposite corner. Nikos almost squeezed in another when he got on the end of a Pietro mis-kick but it was Monteverde who scored just before the second break.
The final period began with Ambrit 3-2 ahead. It stayed that way for 10 minutes but then Filippo scored a lovely goal - very like Pietro's first: he drifted in from the left and planted an unstoppable shot into the top right corner.
Monteverde kept pressing though and they got one back when Ludo and Eric failed to communicate and the ball finished up in the net. But the referee's whistle blew full time almost immediately and Ambrit gained 3 more vital points.
TEAM: Eric; Elias, Ludovico, Filippo: Pietro, Nikos; Giacomo


Ambrit u9s Win Big at St George's

The Ambrit u9 team played five matches on Saturday morning and WON THEM ALL:WELL DONE!!

Team: Cameron; Lucas; Dylan; Massimiliano; Lorenzo; Nikos; Santiago


Roma 2-1 Inter

Riccardo: on target for Roma today

Man of the Match Filippo looks on as Roma scramble the ball away
With Falco, Edo P and Michele all missing, Inter's 6 players put up a magnificent performance and, incredibly, pressed Roma back for most of the first half.
With Chiara guesting in goal and Tristano playing well in defence, Inter kept the scores level until half time.
Early in the second half, Taro set up a chance for Riccardo and the 6th grader made no mistake.
But Filippo was rewarded for a fantastic, battling, performance when he popped up in the penalty area to slot home the equaliser.
However, Roma's two-man advantage began to tell towards the end as Inter began to tire. Once again Taro was the provider and, this time, Tommaso was the finisher as Roma took the three points.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Filippo 6, Taro 5, Gabriele 4, Senai 2, Ale Z 1, Tommaso 1, Tristano 1, Niccolo' 1, Elias 1

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City

A cura di Lucrezia Brandizzi

Oggi una sfida importante all’Emirates che ospita il City. Nei primi minuti la sfida sembra pari ma dopo un paio di percussioni e ribattute Annie riesce a buttare il pallone in rete: 1-0 Arsenal. Il City sembra un pò freddo ma Mia tiene il City acceso liberandosi facendo tre tiri belli, andati fuori. Poco prima della ripresa Gaia riesce a pareggiare con un tiro ben piazzato e forte, nulla da fare per Chiara.
  Il secondo tempo entra Matilde. E il City avanza con Gaia e Matilde creando situazioni pericolose. Matilde però rimane in difesa. Allison e Gaia creano molte occasioni però sventate da Leila e Helena, magari si sarebbero concretizzate se si passava la palla prima. Il City cerca Mia che riesce a fare un paio di tiri però andati fuori. L’Arsenal invece riesce a passarsela di più e con la ribattuta di una punizione al limite dell’area Shaihana la mette in rete. 2-1 per l’Arsenal e l’arbitro fischia la fine. Buona prestazione in porta di Chiara, di Annie e Shaihana in centrocampo. La partita è stata forse condizionata dall’assenza di Matilde nel primo tempo. Oggi il City non giocava come ci aveva abituato, mentre l’Arsenal è riuscito a passarsela di più e creare più situazioni.

Annie 4, Chiara 4, Gaia 3, Shaihana 2, Saya 2, Mia 2, Leila 1


Lazio 3-1 Napoli

Man of the Match: Lapo
Without defensive pairing of Pietu and Lorenzo, Napoli found themselves exposed at the back by a relentless Lazio, who were driven today by the Lapo/Manfredi axis and never looked like losing.
Manfredi opened the scoring. He met a high ball and steered it with great aplomb past an onrushing Louis.
Manfredi makes it 2-1
Napoli replied quickly. Ale N played a beautifully-weighted pass through to Julian on the left and he beat Max with an excellent finish.

Lapo met a corner with his head and should have put his side 2-1 up minutes later,
but the ball flew over the bar.
Manfredi made no mistake though and flicked in a second just before half-time.
Alex and Daniel fought a fascinating tussle all through the match

Lapo who took over in the second half, pulling the strings that kept his side on top. Daniel hit the bar - should have scored. Daniel then freed himself for another shot which was on the way in when Manfredi added the final touch: 3-1.

Towards the end, Napoli upped the pace and made a couple of chances; the best one fell to Sam but Max was out quickly to smother his shot.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Lapo 6, Manfredi 5, Alex 4, Daniel 3, Louis 1, Ale N 1, Francesco 1
Alessandro N

Girls' Soccer: Primary tournament at Ambrit

A superb morning's football: sunshine, six teams, 17 matches, great friendly spirit - let's do it again soon!

ANSPI: Tough Game versus Santos

The game's first half was interrupted by the referee because many of our players had no shin guards. On the re-start, Ambrit fell into a defensive formation. Santos, frustrated at being unable to break into the penalty area, resorted to shooting from distance and went 1-0 up right at the end of the first period. 
Ambrit's defence was over worked in the second half and shipped 4 more goals from all angles.  
The team then pushed hard through mid field and a free kick by Pietro went right through the Santos defence for 5-1. 
Just when Ambrit's confidence got a boost, Santos responded with 2 more goals before the end of the second period. The third period was played with an extra player on our side but this had no effect on Santos as they continued to take shots at a tired ambrit defense and won easily by 12-1.
TEAM: Eric, Ludo, Filippo, Elias, Pietro, Giacomo, Joel, Nikos


Arsenal 0-1 Liverpool

Il Liverpool supera l'Arsenal per 1-0 nel match infrasettimanale del torneo femminile e allunga in classifica, lasciando le altre due squadre a lottare per i punti rimasti in gioco. Contro una Lucrezia praticamente onnipresente, stavolta ben supportata da Gaia e Sofia, l'Arsenal non ha trovato nessuna arma efficace, seppure le buone prestazioni di Annie e Chiara abbiano ridotto al minimo la sconfitta.
Purtroppo hanno pesato le scelte di mercato della società, che non ha provveduto ad acquistare una punta, capace di tenere palla e segnare. Da sottolineare la buona prestazione di Sjaihana.

Lucrezia 4, Sofia DM 3, Sjaihana 3, Gaia DR 3, Annie 3, Chiara 3, Yara 2


ANSPI: A Fantastic Start to the Play-Offs!

Ambrit 4-1 Testaccio

Ambrit lined out for their first match in the Play-offs against a Testaccio side that finished second in their preliminary group, where they had won 9 matches, losing only three.
So, a difficult challenge for Ambrit.
But our boys were not intimidated!
Lining out before the game: worried but determined!
They came onto the field confident, though also a little worried about how the small size of the pitch. But it turned out not to be a problem: in fact, playing so close together helped the players to keep their positions. 
Our first goal came when a throw-in by Elias fell to Giacomo and he shot it in for 1-0. Ambrit's strong defence could do nothing though against the unexpected midfield shot by Testaccio that flew in to make it 1-1. 
From am Elias throw in, Pietro dribbled straight to the goal and made it 2-1. Not long after, Pietro scored another goal from a Filippo corner.
With Testaccio now pressing strongly, some confusion in defence led to a handball in the area and a penalty for Testaccio. This was the game's crucial moment. A goal now could spark a Testaccio revival.
Team: Eric; Alessandro, Elias, Nikos, Pietro, Giacomo, Filippo, Joel
But Eric was in great form and wasn't having any of it! He saved the penalty as a delighted crowd cheered from the stands. 
Testaccio continued to press and played some excellent football, but attack after attack foundered on the solid rock of Ambrit's defence. A long ball from Eric then landed right on Joel's feet for the final score: 4-1 for Ambrit.

MS RISA League

Game 1:
Ambrit 11-1 Aosr B
After a long break, the Ambrit team was glad to be back in action. Early on, Manfredi took an assist from Nico and opened the scoring right after kick off. The 1-0 did not last long as Aosr responded with a quick dribble through our defence to make it 1-1. Ambrit grew in confidence though and Nico, from midfield, whacked one in to make it 2-1. 
Quick thinking and an accurate pass from Jerry in midfield found Manfredi, who scored to make it 3-1. A great corner from Lapo went straight to Manfredi's head: 4-1.
Another corner from Lapo allowed Thomas to arrive from defence and head the ball in for 5-1. It was 6-1 soon after when Niccolo' scored off another Lapo assist. Peter then got in on the act, dribbling up the right and shooting to make it 7-1. 
Niccolo' scored another goal thanks to Jerry's assist (8-1), Manfredi took another pass from Niccolo' (9-1). A very confident Lapo took a shot from midfield and scored the tenth; Thomas finished off the scoring right at the end: 11-1

Game 2:
Ambrit 2-2 Aosr A
Having won their first game, Ambrit was surprised by Aosr's quick start and they were 1-0 down immediately. Realizing this was a different against a much stronger team, Ambrit pressed for a goal and created two good opportunities that both fell to Lapo, but neither was converted. Only when Thomas came up from defence to put a throw in straight to Manfredi's head did Ambrit pull level. Strong defence from Ambrit kept Aosr from scoring again. Ambrit's next attack saw a shot by Manfredi bounce off the goalie for a corner kick. Lapo put in a great cross and Thomas made it 2-1. Then, with only seconds to go, Aosr pushed through our defence and scored on the whistle.

Game 3:
Ambrit 0-4 New School
With no time to rest, Ambrit had no chance against a fast paced, skilful New School. Ambrit relied on their goalie Max to do most of the work; he made some great saves but a tired defence allowed New School to go up by 2 goals in the first 10 mins of the match. Ambrit had some good shots but were unable to score. Neat 2-touch passing by New school brought another 2 goals in the last 10 min of the game.

TEAM: Max; Thomas, Peter; Niccolo', Jerry, Lapo; Manfredi.


Inter 2-0 Chievo

Chievo's run of bad results continued with a second consecutive defeat but they played well and the result was in doubt right to the end.
Michele had the game's first chance but he put the ball wide. He made up for it 4 minutes later when he turned in Gabriele's long throw to score the first goal.
Lots of action in the first half produced few other goal chances and Lucrezia's shot that went wide was one of the few goal attempts.
In the second half, Senai was denied twice in quick succession by Lea and then Gabriele thumped a free-kick off the crossbar.
Mia kept the Inter defence under pressure but it was Inter who scored the next goal when Senai cut in onto his right foot and sent an unstoppable shot past Lea.
 BEST PLAYER POINTS: Gabriele 3, Senai 3, Tristano 3, Lea 2, Gaia Z 2, Lucrezia 2, Michele 2, Chiara 1, Mia 1, Ale Z 1, Matilde 1

Arsenal 2-0 Man. City

Dopo l'esonero di Ranieri, un altro colpo di scena in Premier League: l'Arsenal sconfigge 2-0 il favoritissimo City e riapre i giochi! Ora le tre squadre sono appaiate a 3 punti in classifica, dopo aver giocato lo stesso numero di partite: a differenziarle c'è solo la differenza reti, a leggero vantaggio del Liverpool. Sarà una sfida apertissima!

Veniamo al match: l'Arsenal è entrato in campo ieri con una diversa determinazione rispetto alle avversarie, mostrando carattere e combattività. Da un bel corner teso di Annie è arrivato il vantaggio di Leila, brava a buttarsi sul pallone dopo un'indecisione di Lea in porta. La reazione delle ragazze di Guardiola c'è stata: Mia e Matilde hanno provato con insistenza a mettere in difficoltà la difesa dell'Arsenal, ma da un lato hanno trovato un ottimo portiere in Chiara, dall'altro Leila, Helena e Donya hanno fatto buona guardia. Nelle file del City si è distinta Gaia, che in difesa ha controllato bene la situazione, sino alla sfortunata autorete che l'ha vista protagonista e che ha decretato di fatto la fine del match.

Annie 4, Chiara 4, Saya 3, Mia 2, Gaia 2, Leila 1, Shaihana 1.


Napoli 2-0 Roma

Both sides needed the points today but it was Napoli who took them, thanks to some good team play and some astute management by Gustav on the sidelines.
Anthony scored after only 10 seconds and Louis kept them ahead at half time with a great save on the edge of his penalty area.
Napoli continued to dominate in the second half. Pietu fired in a good shot but Pietro was equal to it. He could do nothing however about Anthony's second - a gem of a goal. Some quick interpassing between Ale, Alex and Anto hypnotised the Roma defence and left Pietro unprotected.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Anto 5, Ale 4, Alex 3, Riccardo 3, Louis 3, Pietu 2, Tommaso 1



AMBRIT TOURNAMENT: New School Capture another trophy

Manfredi: on a goalscoring run this year
Ambrit fielded two teams this morning to take on New School and AOSR but might have been better to concentrate their forces into one squad.
A good start by our older team in the first game; Manfredi hit the target against AOSR but the latter part of the game was spent in defence. Louis made three great saves but couldn't keep out a long shot that the Ambrit midfield should have closed down: 1-1, final result.
Our 6th graders lost 3-0 to NSR in their first gambit bounced back to win the derby with goals from Anthony and Jacopo. Jacopo was on target again against AOSR but this was our only goal in a 4-1 defeat.
Ambit's last game was the older team up against NSR and Ambrit played well. With Lorenzo bringing off some miraculous saves, the team stayed with NSR right to the end and lost by just one goal.
Louis; Thomas, Giuseppe, Pietu; Jerry, Alex, Anthony; Manfredi
Louis; Elias, Gavyn, Lorenzo; Jacopo, Alex, Julian; Alioune


Lazio 2-0 Milan

A great team performance by Lazio today saw them overcome their northern rivals. Every player knew his job and every player did it well.
In the first half, Lapo and Manfredi gave warning of their intentions when they combined to set up a chance that Manfredi almost took. The ball rebounded off the post and Lapo whacked a great shot that forced Ascanio into a very good save. Daniel too could have scored but, turning quickly, he pulled the ball wide.
Lapo and Manfredi combined again 4 minutes later, and this time, Manfredi planted a beautiful shot into the corner after Lapo had beaten two opponents in midfield and played him Manfredi in with a perfect pass.
Milan were struggling to get into the game but three good saves from Max kept them at bay. It was Lapo who crowned a great performance with a goal and there was no way back for i rossoneri.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Lapo 8, Manfredi 2, Giuseppe 2, Max 3, Jacopo 1, Daniel 1, Gavyn 1, Francesco 1, Andrea 1, Federico 1

Manchester City 2-1 Liverpool

Una bella doppietta di Matilde liquida il Liverpool e candida seriamente la squadra di Juna per un piazzamento importante in questo campionato. Il City al completo - come avevamo accennato in sede di calciomercato - è uno squadrone capace di mettere paura a chiunque; ieri tuttavia, quando in campo non si erano presentate Gaia (poi entrata di lì a pochi minuti) e Allison, qualcuno aveva storto il naso, pensando a una facile vittoria di Lucrezia e compagne. Niente di tutto ciò: il City è entrato in campo con determinazione e cinismo, lottando su ogni pallone e non concedendo più di un millimetro a Lucrezia, braccata in ogni zona del campo da almeno 2-3 avversarie.
A sbloccare la gara è stata una punizione sulla sinistra, che Matilde ha calciato con forza sul primo palo piegando le mani al portiere. Il Liverpool ha provato una reazione, ma ogni via si è rivelata impercorribile. Mia ha compiuto un gran lavoro in attacco, facendo sponda e provando conclusioni di destro e sinistro, Selina e Gaia hanno dato sostanza al centrocampo, senza concedere nulla a Lucrezia e Malena. Il raddoppio è stato ancora più bello del primo gol: di nuovo Matilde, dopo uno stop di petto, ha scaricato in rete un tiro spiovente dalla distanza che si è infilato sotto la traversa.
E' stata la mazzata finale per un Liverpool spento, che solo a pochi secondi dalla fine ha provato a riaprire il match, quando Sofia si è avventata su una palla lunga di Lucrezia e ha messo in rete da pochi passi.

Matilde 8, Mia 4, Lucrezia 2, Selina 2, Gaia Z 2, Gaia DR 1, Sofia 1, Eve 1


Chievo 2-5 Roma

Another absorbing match today as Ambrit's girls took to the field in their build up to the Med Cup.
The opening exchanges saw both midfields tackling strongly and determined to deny space to the opposition.
Chievo took the lead when Lucrezia crossed from the left and Mia gave Tiberio no chance in goal.
Spurred into action, Roma stepped up the pace and equalised when Edo found Niccolo' in the centre and he skipped around Chiara to place the ball past Lea.
Edo then struck the post and Taro's header from 50cm out somehow missed the target. But Taro made no mistake a minute later when Niccolo' found him free in the middle.
But the teams still went in at half-time level, thanks to a superbly-struck volley by Lucrezia.
Spalletti's half-time team talk did the trick. Roma came flying out of the traps and two goals from Taro slowed down opposition: a third from Niccolo' killed them off.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Elias 3, Lucrezia 3, Taro 3, Niccolo' 3, Edo J 2, Leila 2, Chiara 2, Bernardo 1, Mia 1, Matilde 1, Allison 1


Milan 5-1 Napoli

A highly entertaining match played at a fast and furious pace kept a capacity crowd glued to their seats at Ambrit Stadium today.
Aden had an early chance to put Milan ahead; he blasted over but team-mate Giuseppe was on target 3 minutes later.
Napoli recovered quickly and Ale put them back on level terms just before half-time, with a shot that Federico might have dealt with more efficiently.
After half-time, Milan were more determined and Nathan put them ahead with a precisely struck free kick. Napoli surged forward, leaving themselves open to the counter-attack and Nathan obliged with two more goals.
Alex pushed his team forward time and again and a series of shots rebounded off one defender after another but it was Milan who scored again, with Jacopo adding a fifth.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Jacopo 4, Giuseppe 4, Nathan 4Alex 2, Ascanio 2, Ale 2, Anthony 2, Pietu 1


Risultati Sondaggio

Secondo i nostri lettori le squadre che si aggiudicheranno l'Intramural 2017 saranno la Lazio (27% delle preferenze) - per il Boys' Tournament - e il Liverpool (ben 55% delle preferenze) - per quanto riguarda la competizione femminile.
A pesare nel giudizio popolare sono stati probabilmente i risultati delle prime due giornate del torneo, con il successo dei laziali sull'Inter e la convincente prova del Liverpool, che si è imposto con una tripletta della star Lucrezia. Se si fosse votato oggi - chissà - avrebbe vinto il Milan? E cosa ci dirà sul campo il Manchester City? Vedremo...

Liverpool 3-0 Arsenal

Un esordio agevole per il Liverpool, con una vittoria netta sull'Arsenal. Come già accennato nei commenti sul Mercato, l'Arsenal è una squadra "spuntata" con un attacco quasi assente, mentre la presenza di Lucrezia ha permesso al Liverpool di gestire il gioco e il risultato.
Dopo una prima fase interlocutoria, il Liverpool è andato in vantaggio con Lucrezia, che poi ha raddoppiato nella ripresa dopo una respinta corta su tiro ravvicinato di Gea (ottima parata nell'occasione di Chiara!). Sul 2-0 l'arbitro ha estratto un cartellino giallo in direzione di Sofia, colpevole di aver calciato lontano un pallone mentre era pronto per una punizione degli avversari: un comportamento inaccettabile che speriamo di non vedere più sul nostro campo.
Ancora Lucrezia nel finale a chiudere il risultato sul 3-0.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH POINTS: Lucrezia 3, Gaia DR 3, Chiara 2, Helèna 2, Sofia DM 2, Annie 1, Lea 1, Leila 1, Saya 1, Gea 1, Virginia 1.

Ambrit Girls 4-4 St. George's Girls

Un mezzo passo falso del nostro Dream Team, che con un misto di sufficienza e di disattenzione concede un pareggio alle storiche rivali della St. George's.
Le ragazze di Mr. Gianluca, orfane di Leila ed Helena in difesa, hanno potuto contare sulla grinta di Chiara, Gaia e Allison, sulla tecnica di Lucrezia - a sprazzi - e su poco altro.
Spesso hanno subìto la velocità delle avversarie e la loro fisicità, riuscendo solo in rare occasioni a imporre il loro gioco.
Il primo tempo si è aperto con un gol delle avversarie, da posizione ravvicinata, dopo una grande disattenzione collettiva in difesa. Passano pochi secondi e Lucrezia inventa un assist in verticale per Mia, che - sola davanti al portiere - non sbaglia e fa 1-1, risultato con cui termina il primo tempo.
Nella ripresa, dopo un clamoroso rigore non dato per un intervento in area stile "volley", l'Ambrit va sotto: contropiede della St. George's, cross basso su cui lisciano difensori e portiere e tap-in facilissimo per l'attaccante. Lucrezia pareggia su punizione, ma la St. George's passa di nuovo su uno stacco imperioso di testa su calcio d'angolo. Il morale è basso, le nostre ragazze sono nervose, anche a causa di un arbitraggio che non ci concede nulla. Finalmente, quando Lucrezia viene stesa al limite dell'area, l'arbitro fischia: nuova punizione e nuova "perla" di Lucrezia per il 3-3.
Gli ultimi minuti sono frenetici, Allison sfonda sulla sinistra, va sul fondo e crossa per Mia, che non può sbagliare. Nemmeno il tempo di esultare e la St. George's nell'ultimo minuto disponibile, pareggia con un contropiede troppo facile lasciato dai nostri difensori. L'Ambrit arriva a un passo dalla vittoria, che però francamente non avrebbe meritato...


BOYS SOCCER: St George's 3-2 Ambrit

A confident Ambrit was surprised by a fast-paced St Georges team that came out of the traps quickly and scored their first goal early on. Ambrit stayed with them though and equalised when Peter placed a well-taken corner on Lapo's head and Fabbri made no mistake. 
St George's however responded immediately with two more goals thanks to some neat passing that left the Ambrit defence out-manouvered. 
A late rally by Ambrit saw them pinch a second goal and they might even have snatched a draw if Edo J had managed to get on the end of a pass from Thomas just before the final whistle.
TEAM: Max, Edo J, Taro,Thomas, Peter, Jerry (Fulei), Federico, Lapo, Giuseppe, Theo, Sam


Lazio 4-3 Inter

Edo P stunned a packed Ambrit Stadium into silence today as he rifled a first-half hat-trick against a much-fancied Lazio team in this opening encounter.
Lazio finally reacted just before the break and Francesco dribbled past two defenders before stroking home the ball to make it 3-1. Inter then gave away a free kick in a dangerous position and Manfredi punished them with a violent strike into the top corner, sending the teams into the break divided by a single goal.
The second half began with Inter on the back foot, desperate to defend their advantage. They managed to hang on for another 6 minutes but they could then only look on as Daniel planted a superb header into the top corner to make it 3-3.
Lazio were now determined to take all three points. A nervous Inter retreated into defence and the inevitable happened when Gavyn scored with the help of a deflection to make it 4-3 with the last kick of the game.
With Ale Z in goal and Gabriele still out injured, Inter's brave performance deserved a point. Pity.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Edo P 6Daniel 4, Lapo 3, Francesco 2, Filippo 2, Andrea 1, Manfredi 1, Gavyn 1, Senai 1. 


ANSPI: Spirited Ambrit Comeback Rewarded with a place in the Regional Play-Offs!

1-1 with 15' to play: Mister Moses rallies the troops!
The scene was set and couln't have been more dramatic: coming into this game, Ambrit knew that if they could avoid defeat to third place Vigna Pia, then they would finish second and qualify for the Regional Play-offs.
Vigna Pia dominated the opening exchanges and dominated possession but, after just 5', it was Ambrit who scored against the run of play. A long clearance from Eric reached Pietro and he controlled the ball well, beat his marker and rolled the ball into the net.
Giacomo had a chance to make it 2-0 but his lob went just wide of the left-hand post.
Vigna Pia almost equalised with a long shot that slammed back from the inside of Eric's right-hand post but Ambrit too came really close when first Pietro and then Giacomo struck the woodwork in the same move: 1-0 at the first break.
Vigna Pia continued to pass, press and dominate possession in the second period and only a superb diving save by Eric kept them at bay. But he could do nothing two minutes later when Vigna Pia created an extra-man situation on the left and struck an unstoppable equaliser.
Joel had Ambrit's only real chance in this second period and Ambrit were relieved to make it to the break at 1-1.
The last period began and tensions were high in front of a sell-out crowd... and then disaster struck! A defensive mix-up at a throw-in left Eric out of position and Vigna Pia's captain punished him with an accurate shot to the corner: 2-1 to Vigna Pia meant they had now leapfrogged Ambrit to take 2nd place in the table.
But the game wasn't over yet and Ambrit's spirited team had by no means given up. They threw themselves into attack and were rewarded when Giacomo pounced on a loose ball and banged it home to salvage a precious point.
This was a result built on the team's most obvious attributes - a rock-solid defence; a meticulous, roving, energetic captain; and a tireless target man up front.
TEAM: Eric; Ludovico, Alessandro, Elias; Filippo (Capt), Giacomo; Pietro; Nikos, Joel.

TEAM                             Played         Points
SANTOS                          8                 22
AMBRIT                          8                 15
VIGNA PIA                     8                 10
SAN GIROLAMO           8                 08
REAL MURATELLA      8                 02


MS RISA Soccer league: Ambrit Crash to three defeats

Ambrit had a bad morning at St George's this Saturday and lost all their three matches in this latest round of the RISA soccer league. In the first match, New School's bigger players used their physical advantage well and took the points by a 3 to 0 margin.
The next game versus AOSR started off well and Ambrit raced into an early 2 to 1 lead. However, Ambrit lost their grip on the match in the final few minutes and conceded three goals, finishing on the wrong end of a 4-2 scoreline.
With two defeats behind them and tired legs, Ambrit surrendered timidly to St. George's, losing 6-1.
TEAM: Max, Louis; Elias, Peter, Thomas; Alex, Sam, Lapo; Manfredi; Jerry, Alioune

P W D L GF GA GD Points
1 New School 13 10 1 2 54 11 43 31
2 SGBIS 1 13 10 1 2 51 11 40 31
3 AOSR 1 13 8 3 2 30 17 13 27
4 AMBRIT 13 6 0 7 34 35 -1 18
5 SGBIS 2 13 3 1 9 14 52 -38 10
6 AOSR 2 13 3 0 10 18 60 -42 9
7 Rome Int. 13 2 0 11 8 38 -30 6


Le Pagelle del Calciomercato - GIRLS

Il capitano Grace ha compiuto delle scelte quantomeno azzardate, spendendo molti soldi per costruire una squadra impostata sulla difesa: Leila, Helèna, Chiara... solo la giovane Annie ricopre un ruolo diverso. La domanda sorge spontanea: chi si occuperà di far gol?

Il Liverpool ha scelto di puntare tutto sul talento di Lucrezia, accontentandosi di acquistare altre tre giocatrici considerate "minori". Certo, tutti abbiamo sotto agli occhi le incredibili capacità di Lucrezia, ma non è detto che siano sufficienti a conquistare la coppa, specie con un City così ben fornito...

Difficile far meglio di quello che fatto Juna: nella sessione di mercato invernale il City ha messo le mani su 4 delle migliori giocatrici disponibili, dosando bene risorse e astuzia e creando le premesse per mettere in bacheca un bel Trofeo. Se poi consideriamo che in squadra ci sono già Selina e Natalie, le chance non possono che aumentare!

Dite la vostra in un commento e votate nel sondaggio qui di lato!

Calciomercato 2017 - GIRLS

Dopo un'emozionante sessione maschile, eccoci in diretta a commentare il Calciomercato femminile.
Arsenal (Grace), Liverpool (Lea) e Manchester City (Juna) si contenderanno le giocatrici in asta e proveranno a costruire la squadra vincente. Una domanda è d'obbligo: chi farà follie pur di acquistare Lucrezia?!

Ecco i principali affari e gossip della sessione:

- Annie: scandaloso acquisto dell'Arsenal, che si aggiudica la talentuosa 6 Grader, per soli 5 milioni!
- Chiara, il roccioso difensore della nazionale, viene acquistato per soli 7 milioni, ancora dall'Arsenal.
- LUCREZIA: offerta segreta per lei... Grande suspence, e incredibilmente Lea e Juna offrono la stessa cifra: 65 milioni!!! Si va all'asta a voce: Lea si aggiudica Lucrezia per 82 MILIONI!!! Follie!
- Helena va all'Arsenal per 10 milioni.
- Mia va al City per una cifra vergognosa: 5 milioni. L'acquisto di Lucrezia ha creato un certo scompiglio... Il Liverpool non ha più soldi in cassa...
- Allison acquistata dal City per soli 5 milioni: la sensazione è che questi capitani non abbiano le idee molto chiare...
- Asta particolarmente accesa per Leila, il prezzo finalmente si alza e l'Arsenal si aggiudica il vice capitano Ambrit per 60 milioni!!!
- Gaia, capitano Ambrit tutta grinta, va al City per 19 milioni. Juna si sta muovendo molto bene sul mercato...
- Matilde si aggiunge alla truppa del City anche lei per 19 milioni.

Da una prima riflessione emerge che il City e il Liverpool si contenderanno la coppa, mentre l'Arsenal sembra un pochino più indietro. Per gli approfondimenti vi rimandiamo alle nostre pagelle.

ANSPI update

Going into the last round of games, Ambrit is still 2nd in the table.
A draw or a win will keep us there!

The league will continue with the top two teams from our group going into a play-off against the top two teams from another group*, and the bottom three teams going into a play-out against the bottom teams from the other group*.


*The teams ion the other group are:

San Michele Arc. Trigoria
Asd Casaletto Rosso
Asd Casaletto Bianco
Regina Pacis monteverde
Real Faro Guadalupe
San Leonardo
Pgs Testaccio


Le Pagelle del Calciomercato - BOYS

Thomas si è mosso bene, cercando giocatori di qualità e disegnando una squadra "a trazione anteriore" con Daniel a centrocampo, Lapo e Manfredi in attacco, e confidando in una solida difesa costituita da Gavyn e Francesco.

Il doppio voto dipende dall'incognita Gabriele: Tristano ha corso un rischio enorme spendendo la cifra-record di 54 milioni per un giocatore infortunato. Anche Edo P, con le sue assenze può essere considerato un investimento a rischio...

Peter, in assenza di Ascanio, si è mosso molto bene, costruendo una squadra solida e tecnica. La fisicità di Giuseppe, unita alla tecnica di Nathan e Aden, rende il Milan una delle squadre favorite alla vittoria finale.

Niente da dire sul talento dei giocatori scelti da capitan Gustav, ma la sensazione è che manchi un po' di "peso" a questa squadra: 4 su 4 sono giocatori di grade 6...grande è il rischio di farsi sovrastare fisicamente dalle altre squadre.

Edoardo ha messo su una buona squadra, equilibrata e potenzialmente pericolosa per ogni avversario. Tecnicamente manca qualcosa rispetto alle altre formazioni, ma sarà il verdetto del campo a dirci se abbiamo ragione.

Dì la tua in un commento o semplicemente vota nel sondaggio qui a fianco!

Calciomercato 2017 - BOYS

Eccoci in diretta a commentare il mercato di Gennaio. Dopo la chiusura del mercato di Serie A, anche i capitani delle formazioni dell'Intramural avranno a disposizione una somma considerevole (100 milioni) per acquistare i loro rinforzi.

Vediamo ora gli affari più sensazionali o costosi:

- Alessandro Nigro: molto conteso l'acquisto di questo giovane talento finito al Napoli per 40 Milioni!
- Giuseppe Passarelli: Peter beffa tutti con un'offerta segreta di 26 milioni e porta il jolly al Milan!
- Daniel Simunec: ottimo acquisto di Thomas, capitano della Lazio, per "soli" 36 milioni. Acquisto di prospettiva...
- Federico Di Dio: la sua flessibilità viene molto apprezzata, tanto da arrivare a 28 milioni!
- Edo Piperno: 24 milioni sembrano una cifra scandalosamente bassa per il talento della terza media, ma forse hanno influito le sue assenze in alcune partite decisive...
- Nathan: 32 milioni, in asta segreta, è un nuovo giocatore del Milan.
- Gabriele: uno degli acquisti più salati del mercato, acquistato dall'Inter per 54 milioni! Record! Meno male che era infortunato...
- Lapo: in asta segreta, per 15 milioni, va alla Lazio.
- Manfredi: contesissimo il Top Scorer del primo campionato, finito alla Lazio per 37 milioni.
- Alex D: il talento della prima media finisce al Napoli per 25 milioni.
- Taro: Edo J - con la sonante cifra di 40 milioni - si porta il robusto difensore della nazionale alla sua Roma, insieme a Tommaso e Niccolò.


G8 2-3 Teachers

Moses opened the scoring today, cleverly disguising his shot as a pass and fooling Grace in goal. Antonio added a second when he deflected in Matteo's well struck shot and Giovanni made it 3-0 before half-time.
G8 came back into the game in the second half and Taro deservedly pulled a goal back with two minutes left on the clock. Referee Corcoran then penalised Matteo for a handball in the area and Francesco made it 2-3 with the last kick of the game.
Mr Antonio and Mr Alessandro will both have psychiatric consultations this evening to address their delusions of still being able to successfully execute bicycle kicks in the penalty area.
Man of the Match: Edo J


6M 3-1 6R

6M made an easy job look difficult today. They should have wrapped up the game early on but a series of excellent saves by Virginia in the 6Rgoal kept the score down and kept 6R in the game to the end.


Primary Soccer

Well done to the u7 and u9 teams who went to St George's on Saturday morning and banged in a total of 12 goals between them in a successful and entertaining morning's football!

ANSPI: Real Muratella 0-3 Ambrit

Ambrit's G5 scarabocchio team got back to winning ways on Saturday and maintain their Second Place in the table with this resounding win!

Basketball: A Good Start

Ambrit sent a MS basketball to AOSR on Saturday and they gave a good account of themselves in their debut tournament, winning one match of three and pushing their opponents right to the end in their other two encounters... not bad for a group who have never played together before! 
Well done to Manfredi, Jerry, Peter, Daniel, Pietro and Filippo and let's hope we can get some practice in before our next outing!


Teachers 5-1 7P

The G7 champions opened the scoring through Nathan and looked like they might have a slow-starting Teachers' team in trouble.
But on the next corner, the teachers sent big centre-half Leavy into the penalty area and he bagged the equaliser. Aussie marksman Piccolo then hit his own advisory students with a double whammy and the teachers were cruising. Late goals from Mr Dan and Mr Moses wrapped yp the victory.
Bring on the g8s!!

Ambrit Girls 6-0 St. George's Girls

 Tutta un'altra musica!
Questo potrebbe essere tranquillamente il sottotitolo della partita disputata oggi, rispetto alla prova d'esordio di sabato scorso. Le nostre ragazze hanno dimostrato sul campo tutta la loro grinta e la loro bravura, lasciando alla avversarie - comunque una buona squadra - pochissime occasioni al tiro (nel secondo tempo il nostro portiere Lea non ha praticamente mai toccato la sfera).
Tutte le ragazze convocate dal Mister si sono messe in mostra con una prestazione di incredibile solidità: Donya e Leila in difesa, Annie, Selina, Lucrezia in centrocampo, Mia e Alina in attacco; la differenza è probabilmente stata nella prestazione di Allison, che davanti alla difesa non ha mollato un pallone, e di Gaia, sulla fascia sinistra, concentrata e grintosa. Proprio Gaia ha aperto le danze con una bella rete angolata, dopo che Lucrezia aveva colpito clamorosamente il palo con un tiro da fuori.
Le occasioni create nel primo tempo (non si contano le occasioni da gol) vengono concretizzate solo parzialmente, con una doppietta di Lucrezia che fissa il risultato sul 3-0.
Nel secondo tempo, con l'inserimento di Michelle in difesa, la musica non cambia e - se possibile - la supremazia Ambrit è ancora più netta. Completano il punteggio prima un'autorete su azione ripetuta di Lucrezia, Gaia e Allison, poi un'altra doppietta della nostra fuoriclasse Lucrezia: 6-0.

Ora un buon piazzamento alla Mediterranean Cup di Aprile non è solo un miraggio!


7G 5 - 0 7L

Lucrezia and Lapo pulled the strings today, unleashing Bernardo in an unexpected attacking role against on an unsuspecting 7L.
After Lapo unlocked the game with a stroke of genius, four more goals followed: no way back for the 'Leavys'!


And the updated Table:

P W D L GF GA GD Points
New School 10 8 1 1 45 9 36 25
AOSR 1 10 6 2 2 19 14 5 20
SGBIS 1 9 6 1 2 33 9 24 19
AMBRIT 10 6 0 4 31 22 9 18
Rome Int. 9 2 0 7 8 29 -21 6
AOSR 2 9 2 0 7 15 43 -28 6
SGBIS 2 9 1 0 8 9 46 -37 3

MS RISA League - Latest News

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