Spain 5-0 Sweden

Spain served notice to all today that they are not to be underestimated as they handed out a five goal thrashing to Sweden.
Spain dominated the opening exchanges. Niccolo' brought a fine save out of Max and Pietro should have scored but missed. Guillermo opened the scoring with a good turn and a reverse shot low down in the corner of the goal.
Niccolo' made it 2-0 and Mateo finished well from outside the area to make it three. Tiberio was largely untroubled at the other end and Spain, while they added two more goals through Guillermo and Niccolo', would have won by an even greater margin but for some lazy finishing and some good goalkeeping from Max.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Niccolo' 6, Guillermo 4, Max 3, Cristian 3, Paul 2, Joel 1, Mateo 1, Gavyn 1 


Portugal 2-0 England

A fascinating tussle saw Portugal edge out England with two late goals from Aden and Tommy. The English defended well but posed little threat going forward. The Portugese took time to find their rhythm but did create lots of chances; it was poor finishing and good defence that kept the scoreline down
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Lucrezia 4, Ale N 3, Tommy C 3, Virginia 2, Aden 2, Allison 2, Annie 2, Jacopo 1, Selina 1, Sofia dM 1


Belgium 3-2 Brazil

Belgium got off to a great start today, defeating Brazil with a last-minute penalty after Ale Z's spectacular handball to block a certain goal.
Antony had almost opened the scoring in the very first minute with a beautiful shot from 25 meters that struck the outside of the post. Julian had an early chance to but he didn't catch it well with his left foot and the ball spun wide.
Belgium did take the lead though when Alex fed the ball to Julian and he passed to Antony who scored.
Brazil came right back at them though and Manfredi first set up Ottaviano for an equaliser and then put Brail ahead. Alex struck the crossbar with a ferocious shot and then he played in Anthony for the equaliser.
Manfredi then forced Louis into an excellent save down low to his right and Federico made a good save at the other end from Julian. The match looked to be cruising towards a draw but Belgium's final flourish drew Federico out of position and forced the penalty that was cooly converted by Daniel.
BEST PLAYER POINTS: Alex 4, Manfredi 3, Antony 3, Ale Z 3, Michele 3, Riccardo 2, Louis 1, Ottaviano 1, Daniel 1


Spring Intramural Begins Tomorrow

The Spring Intramural begins tomorrow with a cracker: hot favourites Brazil take on a fancied Belgium in a sell-out match.
Can Federico keep all his talented players happy and in-line? Can Jerry steer his G7-dominated team to success? 
Find out tomorrow!

The England team competing in the Boys' IM will be made up of Girls so that our Girls' team can get in some extra practice for April's Med Cup.
In matches against England, the other teams will field 7 players (versus 8) and, in these games, boys will be limited to 3 touches.


ANSPI u13: Real Muratella 1-5 Ambrit

Sunday’s game started with the coach arriving late but showed up 2 min before kickoff. The boys were already organized and ready to play. After the first 15 minutes of the match, Ambrit was up 4 goals, two by Alex and the other two by Pietro. The second half Giorgio, Mateo, and Joel went in for Ludovico, Pietro and Giacomo.
Ambrit continued to play a quick paced game with Alex scoring a third goal from midfield. By this point Real was desperate for a goal, they pushed through our defense and got one in just in time before 2nd period whistle.
Scary moment in the the 3rd period with Pietro running into the defence wall, gaining us a penalty. Beautifully shot by Mateo but their goalie predicted his shot and saved it.


ANSPI u11: San Leonardo 5-1 Ambrit

Ambrit faced a difficult challenge today - away from home and on a smaller pitch.
The home side got off to a quick start and Ambrit, who failed to match them for determination and alertness early on, found themselves trailing 3-0 at the first break.
Changes were made, words were spoken and Ambrit came out for the second period with a different mind set. Now they were challenging their opponents more quickly and closing down the spaces earlier - especially Santiago, what a game he had! - and Lorenzo was beginning to find some room up front; he tested the goalkeeper twice in the space of a minute and drew applause from the onlookers. Caio and Alberto also forged a good chance that ended with the ball striking a post. And Mattia, in goal, made a series of breath-taking saves. Nonethess, the home side did score again to lead 4-0 at the second break.
But Ambrit heads didn't drop and they re-emerged for the last period ready to contest every ball... and they did. Nikos scored another brilliant free kick to make the scoreline respectable and his team-mates can all go home happy in the knowledge that they gave it heir best shot today.
TEAM: Mattia; Vittorio, Bernardo, Santiago, Lukas; Alberto, Zach, Caio, Nikos, Lorenzo.


Teachers 2-4 Grade 8

An FIGC investigation is underway into the students' crucial second goal today, a shot from Giuseppe that was going wide until deflected towards goal by... his mother!
Things started off well for the teachers when Mr piccolo turned neatly and drove a shot past Federico but celebrations were short-lived as Giuseppe found room on the left and beat Mr Martin with a well-placed shot to the top corner.
The students then took the lead with the now infamous 'Westelaken' goal but the teachers didn't panic... not until Manfredi raced onto a throw-in with a perfectly-timed run and blasted a perfectly-struck shot to make it 3-1.
The teachers' response was to launch high ball after high ball but Ale Z and Giuseppe dealt with it and, taking advantage of a quick break from the back, Matilde slotted home a fourth goal.
The teachers kept trying though and were rewarded with a late consolation goal from Mr Paolo that provided a brief spark of hope that was extinguished shortly afterwards by the referee's final whistle.
WINNING FORMATION: Federico, Peter, Giuseppe, Ale Z, Lucrezia, Niccolo', Manfredi, Matilde


Teachers 3-2 Grade 7

The seventh graders put up a good fight but the teachers live to fight another day... well, tomorrow - against G8.
Max went off the pitch with an early injury and he was replaced by Louis. Mr Matteo took him by surprise with a snapshot from midfield and Mr piccolo sneaked a second goal in directly from a corner.
Alex Delve put his team back in the game with a perfectly placed shot past Mr Chad but the teachers stayed two goals in front thanks to a thunderbolt from Mr Paolo on the left.
G7 fought back and won a corner; Gavyn raced in to meet it: 3-2. G7 fought hard in the last few minutes for a third goal to claim a draw but time ran out and the teachers stay unbeaten!


ANSPI Scarabocchio (u11): Ambrit 3-4 Empire APD

Ambrit's u11 team put in a great performance tonight and were very unfortunate to come away with nothing at the end.
Alberto supplied two excellent assists for Lorenzo to bang home two first period goals that put the home side in a comfortable position at the first break. Bernard, Vittorio and Carlo were a solid unit at the back and the visitors never really threatened Santiago's goal.
In the second period, Lukas came in for Alberto and Empire made three changes. These fresh legs put Ambrit in a bit of trouble and it was soon 2-1. But Ambrit continued to press and, from a free kick 15m out, Nikos bent a perfect shot into the top corner to restore the two goal margin.
Alberto came back in for the last period and the game was now end-to-end excitement. Empire's dangerous number 7 - strong in defence and fast in attack - was putting Ambrit under more and more pressure and the equaliser came with just 7 minutes left on the clock. Both sides continued to attack; Ambrit struck a post and forced the opposing goalkeeper into at least two saves. At the other end, Santiago was alert to all threats and saved two or three Empire chances.
Then, with just two minutes left, disaster struck. The Empire centre-forward turned unexpectedly and his snapshot took goalkeeper and defence unaware: 4-3 to the visitors.
Ambrit now need to put this defeat behind them and start again on Saturday!
Difficult to pick out Ambrit's best player tonight because they all played so well. Santiago was not at fault for any of the goals and he played very well. Carlo was a rock in defence and nothing got past him. Bernard won tackle after tackle and passed the ball well into midfield. Vittorio was everywhere, winning balls in defence and joining the attack to great effect. Alberto's touch and vision in the first period opened up chances for everybody and Nikos was always looking to break quickly and effectively on the right. Lukas did a good marking job when he came in but the last word goes to Lorenzo, who was... outstanding! He chased, harried and never gave up on any ball; his control was good, he was strong and his link play was exemplary.
Bravi tutti!!

Teachers 5-1 Grade 6

The teachers warmed up for tomorrow's tough challenge against G7 with a comfortable win over a willing but outclassed G6.
Goals from Mr Alessandro, Mr Paolo and Mr Piccolo put the teachers 3-0 before the sixth graders managed a shot on goal. Cristian and Mateo had chances but Mr Alessandro stole in to finish off Mr piccolo's shot to make it 4-0.
Mateo then pulled one back with the Goal of the Game - a superbly curled shot into the top corner, giving Mr Chad no chance in goal. Mr Chad made amends shortly afterwards, thundering forward to score off a corner.


CALCIOMERCATO BOYS 2018 Tutti gli affari e i gossip!

Tiberio fa follie per Niccolò: 60 milioni! Cifre da capogiro, alla Neymar o alla Coutinho!!!
Lorenzo a 25 milioni alla Svezia! Anthony per 30 milioni al Belgio!
Asta segreta per Giuseppe...se la aggiudica per 40 milioni al Portogallo!
Asta feroce per Manfredi: va al Brasile di Federico per 63 milioni!!!
50 milioni per Peter: follie di Federico...
Prezzo interessantissimo per Daniel: 41 milioni! Belgio per lui!
Al Portogallo va Jacopo per 21 milioni, così come Tommaso per 10 milioni.
Cristian va alla Svezia per 35 milioni!
Ancora il Portogallo protagonista: Alessandro N per 39 milioni!
Ottaviano al Brasile per 11 milioni.
Asta segreta per Ale Z: se lo aggiudica il Brasile per 25 milioni. In questo momento sembra la squadra da battere!
Ivan si sentirà a casa nella Spagna, acquistato da Tiberio per 17 milioni.
Alex Delve sul mercato: pochi i soldi rimasti... se lo aggiudica per 22 milioni il Belgio!
Gavyn, conteso con i pochi soldi rimasti, va alla Spagna per 12 milioni.
Elias va al Belgio per 22 milioni!
La Spagna punta tutto su Pietro DP per 26 milioni!
Michele e Joel, ultimi estratti, vengono assegnati secondo i fondi rimasti: Michele al Brasile per 16 milioni e Joel alla Svezia.

A colpo d'occhio sembra che i capitani di Brasile, Belgio e Portogallo abbiano fatto davvero un ottimo lavoro!!!

Buon torneo!


Spring Intramural - Teams

With the January transfer window closing tomorrow, here are the teams so far...

Girl 01
Girl 02
Girl 03
Tommy S
Girl 04
Pietro B
Girl 05
Alex C
Girl 06
Giacomo S
Giacomo O
Elias EZ
Pietro T
Girl 07
Girl 08
Girl 09
Ale Z
Alex D
Girl 10
Ale N
Pietro DP
Elias F
Girl 11


Girl 12

Sofia C
Aurora B
Sofia S
Maria Carolina
Emma C
Gaia dR

Sofia dM